By Katja Theodorakis & Dr Isaac Kfir


October 2019

4th ASPI-KAS Australia-Europe Counter-Terrorism Dialogue ‘Shifting frontiers:
Addressing Post-Caliphate Terrorism Dynamics’

This publication covers the key themes of the Dialogue, titled ‘Shifting Frontiers: Addressing
Post-Caliphate Terrorism Dynamics’, which were deliberately chosen to reflect contemporary trends.
The overarching purpose is to capture the main ideas discussed at the dialogue and link them to wider policy-relevant debates. The various contributions by participants from Australia and Germany illustrate this breadth of perspectives. Despite military victory over the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, where the group has lost 98% of its territory, it is important to evaluate whether there are new potential geopolitical hotspots arising and how threat dynamics evolve and intersect at the global, regional and local level. Understanding cooperation among terrorist actors, the shift to informal networks as well as on-and offline
radicalization and networking are emerging topics in this area, highlighting the need for whole-of-government, soft-power approaches to deal with violent extremism in its various forms.

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