Volume 4 / 2020

Energy Matters in Australia, Germany, New Zealand and the South Pacific

A Collaborative Approach

Volume 4 / 2020

Energy matters – to all of us – whether we are living in an industrialised country or a developing nation. We all depend on clean, reliable and affordable energy.

Energy and climate matters affect the private, public and economic sectors alike. They also have a wider impact on foreign and security policy, and give rise to socio-cultural issues. Accordingly, they must be mastered by political decision makers and business representatives as well as society as a whole. This Periscope edition seeks to make the findings of the 2nd KAS-EUCERS Energy Policy Dialogue “Energy Strategies: Germany, New Zealand & Australia - A Comparative Perspective” and related issues available to a wider audience, so that they may be used to the greatest possible extent in the public debate, policy making process and implementation of possible solutions.

Dr Frank Umbach

Research Director of the European Centre for Climate, Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS), King‘s College

Eva U Wagner

Programme Coordinator Rule of Law, Energy & Development Policy Regional Programme Australia and the Pacific KAS Australia