Energy Policy

Energy security and climate change are among the biggest challenges Australia, Germany and New Zealand are facing. In fact, they are global issues that transcend national borders. Yet they are primarily managed at national level. In an endeavour to over­come borders (and distances) and to foster collabo­ration between like-minded countries, KAS Australia supports the free exchange of innovative ideas and policy strategies.

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Energy and climate matters affect the private, public and business sectors alike. They also have a wider impact on foreign and security policy, and give rise to socio-cultural issues. Accordingly, they must be mas­tered by the political and economic sectors as well as society as a whole.

The German Government has recently released its Guidelines for the Indo-Pacific (including Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific). The Guidelines inter alia re-affirm Germany’s commitment to intensify cooperation with this region in regards to climate protection, climate change adaption, protection of biodiversity, renewable energies and energy efficiency. As far as Australia is concerned, the German Government intends to expand its cooperation in regards to green hydrogen.

The Periscope Series provides an analysis platform for German lawmakers and experts, their Australian and New Zealand counterparts as well as stakeholders from the South Pacific, thus enabling us to contribute to the ongoing energy and related climate change policy debate.

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