“The world amid an energy transition has to battle the headwinds of economic and social dislocation as countries grapple with pulling down emissions. Here in New Zealand, the Government have taken the step of a “swift but smooth” transition away from fossil fuel dependency through banning future exploration. In my understanding of change management, anything swift is not usually smooth, and that is proving true in New Zealand. The Government announced that they are banning any new petroleum exploration outside of onshore Taranaki, which is the regional hydrocarbon centre for New Zealand. […] A sound strategic process is needed when making such decisions around a country’s energy future. […] We are now generating more emissions, not less, and while the Government has legislated against hydrocarbon exploration, we are relying more and more on coal for our electricity generation. The best way forward is consultation, advice seeking, environmental and economic analysis, which in the end enables a more orderly transition with less social and economic dislocation.”

Jonathan Young MP

Spokesperson for Energy and Resources, National Party of New Zealand