Dear Readers,

I am pleased to present to you KAS Australia’s latest Periscope Paper edition on “Hydrogen Certification in Australia, Germany and Japan.” This edition is published following the second virtual seminar of the 2021 KAS-EUCERS Energy Trialogue. Whilst the first seminar was concerned with the emerging hydrogen economies in, and shared interests by, Australia, Germany and Japan, the second seminar focussed on one of those shared interests.

As outlined in Germany and the European Union’s 2020 Hydrogen Strategies, both may need to import hydrogen to meet their domestic demand. On the other hand, Australia’s 2019 Hydrogen Strategy provides for the future export of excess hydrogen. Against this backdrop, it is unsurprising that Germany and Australia have commissioned a bilateral hydrogen supply chain feasibility study, and entered into a Hydrogen Accord. Japan published its Basic Hydrogen Strategy in 2017, and is deemed to be a pioneer in the field of hydrogen. For example, the world-first liquefied hydrogen carrier, Suiso Frontier, built by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, is scheduled to arrive in Australia by March 2022, and to transport liquefied hydrogen produced from coal in the Latrobe Valley in the State of Victoria to Japan. The country was therefore chosen as an additional dialogue partner for our annual energy dialogue this year.

As you can take from the contributions, whilst the discussion of hydrogen certification is in full swing in Germany and the EU, the Japanese Government has postponed the official debate of (low-carbon) hydrogen and ammonia pending the availability of technologies and the establishment of supply chains. By way of this edition, KAS Australia seeks to foster the discussion of hydrogen certification required to enable global trade with what has been identified by many countries as part of their economic decarbonisation strategies.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank cordially the experts in the Trialogue, and authors of this publication, for their valuable contributions to the ongoing debate. We look forward to continuing this platform in cooperation with the European Cluster for Climate, Energy and Resource Security next year.

Bertil Wenger
Director KAS Australia and the Pacific
Canberra, December 2021

Bertil Wenger

Director of the Regional office of the KAS for Australia


Bertil Wenger is director of the regional office of the KAS for Australia, New Zealand and the Southern Pacific as of 1 September 2021. He is a lawyer by profession with a more than 20-year experience in policy consulting in the German Bundestag, public affairs companies and the CDU Headquarters in Berlin, where he was director of international relations from 2011-2021. His fields of experience include international relations and party developments, as well as foreign and security policy. He is married with two children.